(bad veterinarian)




As of this posting, we have invested over $10,000.00 in medical bills for surgeons, vets, treatments and therapies in an effort to try and get Romeo's leg back to, as close as normal usage as possible, with no success at all. I would gladly pay 10 times that to give Romeo a normal life where he could enjoy himself running and playing as a normal dog should, without limping and falling down. This will never happen due to the ego and bad surgery practices of the Dr. that did Romeos surgery  I only wish I did more research before electing this Dr. to perform the surgery on my dog

do your research on the vet you choose so your story does not end up on a site like this. A Vet should not do surgery unless they are 100% capable and 100% sure what the problem is, anything less is a recipe for disaster.